Rachael-Louise - Psychic Medium, Reiki Master & Past Life Therapist
Welcome to my website - my name is Rachael-Louise and I am a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Past Life Therapist.
I originate from a family of Romany gypsies and first knew I was psychic at 3 years old when my first spirit guide came to visit me. These days, I use my gift to give guidance to all kinds of people covering all issues in life - relationship issues, family issues, health issues, money issues and many more....
I offer palm readings, oracle card readings, psychic readings, spiritual readings and crsytal ball readings. I also work with the spirit guides and angels.
I am also a Reiki Master which means universal healing. I perform all sorts of healing - physical, emotional and mental - everything from stress, bad backs and love issues!
I also practice Past Life Therapy and can take you back into another life - this is used for those who feel they don't belong, cannot get on in life, feel lost, - in fact, just about any issue! It can also be used if you just want to know who you once were or what you did in a past life...
Please feel free to contact me if you should have any queries about my spiritual guidance. I always like to offer a non-obligatory telephone chat to discuss how I can help you find your way in life.
With best wishes,
NEW - I now offer Shamanic reiki - which is basically reiki healing with meditation and you can even learn how to meditate on your own too...you can even find out who your guides are!
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