Rachael-Louise - Psychic Medium, Reiki Master & Past Life Therapist
I would sincerely welcome the chance to answer any questions about Psychic Mediumship, Reiki Healing and Past Life Therapy - please e-mail me through the contact page and I will publish your questions in due course.
Q - Who is my spirit guide?
A - This is perhaps the most common question I get asked...The answer can be found from having a reading usually. In any lifetime, a person can have up to 30 spirit guides - they come into our lives for a while, help us with whatever is going on at the time, then often leave - but they can return. We all have spirit guides. We also have 3-4 main guides who help us with the bigger issues in life.
Q - Can I speak to my spirit guides?
A - Yes - is the simple answer - just talk to them! They will often answer in a dream, a voice, in your thoughts or cryptically i.e. a vision
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